Mickey Garcia's Biography


I began my music career as a DJ in the 1970's. In the 80's while in college, I was working as a DJ for a New York radio station 98.7 KISS FM as a Master Mixer, thinking that I could make music just as good as the songs I was playing on the radio. Shortly after I had created the song I WON'T STOP LOVING YOU, and was able to secure a recording contract with Next Plateau Records, the song was placed with the popular group C-BANK which became an international hit. Soon after, I discovered the artist JUDY TORRES and recorded the song NO REASON TO CRY which was signed to Profile Records. I went on to write and produce Judy's first two albums. While C-BANK and JUDY TORRES were climbing the BILLBOARD charts, I created my own record label and called it MICMAC RECORDS. I was able to discover and develop new talents and owning my own company, I pretty much had much more control of every aspect of the business. I was able to discover and develop CYNTHIA, JOHNNY O. TIANA, TWO WITHOUT HATS, SOAVE, & MORE, NYASIA, THE RIOS SISTERS and so many others for Micmac. I wrote and produced many of the catalogs titles to this day. I am very happy to say that Micmac is still an active company releasing products since 1987. I'm still a DJ at heart and continue to spin music in nightclubs and for special concert events in some of the biggest concert arenas in America. 

Mickey Garcia
The Highlights
(The Road From The Past To The Present!)

Mickey Garcia is born to Father Michael Garcia and Mother Josephina Montalvo at St.Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan New York City 

on October 21st.

Since 1975 MG has been a disc jockey playing records for various Nightclubs throughout the New York Metropolitan area such as Copacabana, Bonds International, Studio 54, Roseland Ballroom and New York New York to name a few.

1982 MG DJ's on WBLS 107.5 FM in New York City doing Mix Shows for Frankie Crocker "The KING" of radio personalities.

1983 Tony Humphries & Tony Q, the station’s Music Director of KISS FM in NYC, invites MG to spin as a MasterMixer on WRKS 98.7 KISS FM A #1 radio station in NYC at that time.

1985 MG works for WKRB FM B91 as a radio personality with a prime time shift 2-6 PM doing a regular broadcast including the weather and news.

1986 While working on B91 WKRB FM, MG produces C-Bank for Next Plateau Records creating his first international hit single titled "I WON’T STOP LOVING YOU" which was also included in the motion picture "Fast Cars".

1986 MG discovers, produces & writes songs for JUDY TORRES, a recording artist for Profile Records.

September 1, 1987 MG & Marvin Schlachter of Prelude Records fame who discovered D-Train, France Joli and many disco groups enter into a business partnership and form a corporation for Micmac Records, Inc. A FREESTYLE DANCE POP RECORD LABEL is now born and operating out of 5th Avenue in New York City.

July 22, 1989 As the A&R executive and creative end of Micmac Records, Inc., MG appears on the cover of BILLBOARD magazine, the international news weekly of music and home entertainment, for being careful and selective on what is signed to Micmac Records.

September 30, 1989 THE QUEENS NY DANCE MUSIC AWARDS presents MG a Special Achievement Gold Record Award plaque for Best Independent Dance Record Label.

October 28, 1989 FUNTIME PRODUCTIONS in Los Angeles, CA. presents MG a GOLD RECORD AWARD for his "Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Business".

1990 MG receives a CLUB MUSIC AWARD RECORD PLAQUE for writing and producing many hits for JUDY TORRES, CYNTHIA, JOHNNY O., TIANA and many others.

1990 WQHT HOT 97 FM in NYC presents MG a GOLD RECORD AWARD plaque for MICMAC RECORDS being the "LABEL OF THE YEAR".

May 5, 1990 MG appears in BILLBOARD. the international news weekly of music and home entertainment for making New York City the mecca for dance music.


April 1991 MG appeared in ASCAP IN ACTION, a trade publication of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.

1994 MG is nominated and wins PRODUCER OF THE YEAR in a trade publication titled: "DMA" DANCE MUSIC AUTHORITY for Outstanding Musical Productions.

Mickey Garcia also appeared, in different occasions, in BILLBOARD, SPIN,DMA,MUSICIAN’S EXCHANGE IN THE MUSIC, LATINO, DJ TIMES, DMR, THE FACE and The VILLAGE VOICE to name a few.

June 8, 1996 THE NATIONAL PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE, INC. President Ramon S. Velez & Banquet Chairman Bill Pacheco present MG an award at the Marriott Hotel in Time Square in NYC "IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF HIS OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP IN THE PUERTO RICAN / HISPANIC BUSINESS COMMUNITY".

March 1999 MG is on the cover of VENUS a Music Industry Magazine Publication published out of Albany NY.

Several times MG Moderates the FREESTYLE MUSIC PANEL for THE WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE at the Fountain Bleu in Miami Beach, Florida and has also been on the PRODUCERS PANEL at the WMC, With Daniel Glass as the Moderator, Others on the PRODUCERS PANEL were names like Jellybean Benitez, Tony Humphries, Dave Morales, Frankie Knuckels, Tony Moran just to name a few.

November 9, 1999 MG produced several songs for an album recorded by "Scott Allan" who is a Hawaiian born recording artist currently living in New York City. The album is called Family Jewel on Airtime Recordings.

April 1, 2000 MG worked on remix projects for Leann Rimes "I NEED LOVE" on Curb Records, Robbie Tronco "OOMPA" on Sporadic Grooves, Ariel "WOMAN IN LOVE" & Legacy "I GET TURNED ON" on Xtreme Records.

August 2002 after a long legal battle against his partner for over 10 years, MG Wins Legal rights to Micmac Records, Inc. and all it’s Sub Labels and publishing companies. Mickey is the sole owner of a catalog with over 200 singles and over 50 albums. Micmac Records, Inc. also owns various publishing companies. Micmac Entertainment Music, Inc., Micmaster Music, Inc. Scott Alan Music, Inc. and MG personally owns Garcia Music, Inc.

November 2002 MG is back in the studio producing A Duet with Loletta Holloway (A DISCO DIVA) and Wanda Dee (OF THE KLF). Both artist with major hits under their belts. Loleatta Holloway is known for many disco hits including the multi-platinum hit with Markie Mark and the funky Bunch (Good Vibrations) and Wanda Dee known for being the lead singer of the KLF which sold over 30 million copies worldwide. The song produced by Mickey Garcia for this amazing duo includes background vocals by other superstar disco divas. Sharon Brown (I Specialize in Love), Taana Gardner (Heartbeat), Fonda Rey (Over Like A Fat Rat), Alyson Williams (Sleep Talk), Peggi Blu (All The Way With You), Carol Williams (Salsoul Orchestra Lead Singer) and Carol Douglas (Doctors Orders). All recorded at Mickey Garcia's personal home recording studio.

January 2003 MG is asked to do a radio show for WCAA 105.9 Fm LATINO MIX (A New York Commercial Radio Station). Mickey Joins the staff At LATINO MIX and becomes one of 5 DJ’s doing a mix show called "THE FREESTYLE FLASHBACK" With Host DJ Diamond Boy Luis of WKTU Fame. The radio show is broadcast weekdays during the 12 Noon lunch hour. Within a few short months, the station's ratings skyrocket.

June 2003 MG Re-Launches Micmac Records, Inc.

July 2003 MG is Interviewed on Urban Latino a National Syndicated TV show and the program is aired on July 5th, 2003 on CBS

July 2003 MG is on the cover of Latino Voice (A Trade Magazine Operating Out Of Amsterdam, NY) and also additional Interviewed with various Internet Web Sites that highlights the movers and shakers of the Music Industry.

January 2004 Mickey Garcia joins the team of LAX FM in Bayamon, Puerto Rico from 9PM to 1AM LAX FM to broadcast a FREESTYLE MIX SHOW with DJ Emil and Mixing on the One’s and Two’s is DJ Baron Lopez and Mickey Garcia. You can listen to Mickey Garcia live from anywhere in the world through the Internet through the radio stations web site. Mickey Garcia is currently now on two (2) different radio stations and four (4) different dials. In New York City, The station dials are 92.7 FM and 105.9 FM Latino Mix broadcasting on the internet on LatinoMix.com and In Puerto Rico, The station dials are 100.7 FM and 103.7 FM LAX broadcasting on the internet on Lax.fm

February 2004 MG Signs Micmac Records, Inc. to a Distribution deal with Razor & Tie/BMG to Distribute Micmac's product throughout the USA and Canada. A North America Distribution Deal.

April 20, 2004 Micmac releases it's first re-launch product titled BANGIN' BEATS "THEN & NOW" (A DOUBLE CD SET) that is mixed and contains Micmac's classic hits on Disc One and today's hottest new freestyle recordings on Disc Two.

July 2004 MG Joins the family of SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO to do a FREESTYLE MIX SHOW titled THE MICMAC ATTACK. The show airs every Friday (11pm - 12 am ET) Rebroadcast on Tuesday's (1 pm ET): You can listen to Mickey Garcia mixing from anywhere in the world on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO or through the Internet at SIRIUS.com

March 24, 2005 MG is nominated and wins The International Dance Music Awards in Miami Florida for BEST MIX SHOW DJ at WCAA Latino Mix New York City.

April 01, 2005 MG Signs a distribution deal with Phase One Communications / Warlock Records currently distributed by SONY RED DISTRIBUTION to manufacture and distribute Micmac Compilation Releases throughout the USA and Canada. This is a time where the music industry is dominated by compilation releases. Most recording artist and groups would get a record deal with a recording company just to be on a compilation. Individual singles by recording artist was pretty much not the main focus anymore.

April 15, 2005 MG sign a deal with Houlihan Films & Music and Micmac licenses one of Micmac's biggest recorded songs by the artist CYNTHIA titled "Change On Me" to appear in the motion picture titled "HARSH TIMES" staring Christian Bale (Of Batman) and Eva Longoria (Of The Desperate Housewives) and Freddy Rodriguez (Of Six Feet Under). The movie "HARSH TIMES" is released in late 2006 and is available on DVD through blockbuster.

May 27, 2005 MG sign a deal with MTV NETWORKS/A Viacom Company and shortly after begins composing several original music productions that are used on several MTV shows. Mickey’s music can be heard in the MTV hit shows MY SUPER SWEET 16, MADE, TRUE LIFE, I LOVE TOYS, HIGH SCHOOL STORIES and THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER.

October 24, 2006 MG sign a deal with ARIOLA PRODUCTIONS a film company with several movies in the works and MICMAC RECORDS, INC. signs it’s first Motion Picture Soundtrack deal with the release of COALITION… a JOE ARIOLA film staring RAEWON-CHUCK ZITO-MICHAEL WRITE and FRANK VINCENT. MICMAC RECORDS releases the COALITION SOUNDTRACK in December 2006 on Micmac Records, Inc..

2007 through 2011, MG has been booking various live performers to appear in club venues and concert arena's all across the USA as a side business to help keep his favorite artist and groups employed. In these venues Mickey continues to keep the artist of the Micmac Catalog in the public's eye and employed where they can continue to perform for their loyal fans. 

August 3, 2011 Mickey Garcia signs a Digital Distribution Deal with IODA to distribute MICMAC RECORDS and all of Micmac's Sub Labels ADRENALIN RECORDS, C&S RECORDS, MARTRU RECORDS, MASCOT RECORDS AND 21ST. CENTURY RECORDS. All of Micmac's original releases are now available digitally through all the digital outlets including but not limited on iTUNES and AMAZON. The Catalog Albums and Compilations are available on MicmacRecords.com, Itunes, Amazon, and all of your favorite digital download outlets.

October 2011, Mickey Garcia signs a Worldwide Administration deal with the ROYALTY NETWORK for Mickey's publishing companies MICMAC ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC, SCOTT ALAN MUSIC, MICSONGS MUSIC, MICMASTER MUSIC and GARCIA MUSIC. ROYALTY NETWORK is A prominent publishing company that will utilize titles from the MICMAC, SCOTT ALAN, MICSONGS, MICMASTER and GARCIA MUSIC Catalogs for synchronization licenses with Television Networks and Movie Production Houses.

October 2009, October 2010, October 2011, October 2012 and October 2013 Mickey Garcia receives awards from the WE CARE 4 ALL FOUNDATION that supports Breast Cancer and Autism. MG contributes his DJ services for this heartfelt cause.

Summer of 2012 MG is an extra acting in various scenes in the motion picture titled Jersey Shore Massacre. The movie is released in the summer of 2014.

November 2, 2013 Mickey Garcia received The Lifetime Achievement Award for MG's contribution in making Freestyle Music A Success. This award was presented to MG at the BankUnited Center in Miami Florida at the Freestyle Honors Awards where Mickey was the opening DJ for the award show in front of over 7500 fans and industry peers. 


July 21, 2014 Mickey Garcia is hired by TRISTAR PRODUCTS, INC. and POP WORKS, INC. to write original music for the film "AN INSPIRING INSITE INTO THE MAN, THE MOVEMENT & THE LEGACY THAT LIVES ON..." JACK LALANNE 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

A RADE POPOVIC FILM featuring Jack Lalanne, Lou Ferrigno and Clint Eastwood.


August 21, 2014 Mickey Garcia begins filming a documentary of his life story and the story of Micmac Records. This story will also include many interviews by some recording artists and Micmac Employees. This project should be completed in 2016


July 31, 2015 Mickey Garcia began serving Jehovah God and attended the Imitate Jesus Convention at the Sun Center in Trenton, NJ. MG has been attending all of the meeting at the local Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall and is currently taking bible studies of "What Does The Bible Really Teach". To learn about the Bible, Visit www.JW.org or just read about "What Does The Bible Really Teach".  


January 15, 2017 Mickey Garcia begins remixing several projects of the Micmac Catalog to release new updated versions of the Micmac hits. Completed remixes so far are CYNTHIA Change On Me with new Freestyle and House Mixes and COLONEL ABRAMS Get With You with new versions in dance. Many new versions of the Micmac Hits are to follow. 


STATEMENT: Mickey Garcia (Song Writer, Producer, CEO and Founder of Micmac Records) began his career as a DJ in the early 1970’s in the NYC metro area at a very young age and today he continues mixing the very best dance music ever recorded at various major events nationally and in some of America’s most popular concert arena's with attendance between 5000 to 10,000 loyal fans in each concert.



Special thanks from Mickey Garcia...


First, I would like to thank GOD for waking me up each day with air in my lungs and keeping me going! Then I like to thank all the recording artist that believed in me and worked with me. Without you I could have never come this far. Thanks to all the DJs who played my music in nightclubs and radio stations worldwide. Thanks to all the radio stations who added my music on rotation and thanks to all the music promoters and record pools that promoted my music. Thanks to all the radio station executives that allowed me to DJ on their radio stations. SIRIUS XM SATELLITE RADIO, LATINO MIX 105.9 NYC, KISS FM 98.7 NYC, WBLS 107.5 NYC, WKRB B91 NYC, POWER 96 MIAMI, CLASSICA 92.3 fm MIAMI, LAX PR and MEGA PR.

I would also like to thank my good friends Eddie O' Laughlin (President of Next Plateau Records) and Cory Robbins (President of Profile Records) in the 80s and currently the founder and CEO of Robbins Entertainment. Thank you both for believing in me and giving me my first break as a music producer in the music business and for allowing me to produce songs for your record labels. I would also like to thank Al Pizarro the president of the VIP record pool for guiding me and helping me get my first recording contract and for being a friend. I really owe everything I have to you guys. Well, Not everything lol :-) Love you guys always!

Special thanks to my attorneys because without you I would be lost is this music business!




Song Written, Produced and Remixed By Mickey Garcia

1. & MORE "You Never Find"
2. ABBY LYNN "No More Tears"
3. ABBY LYNN "You’re My Only Love"
4. AMADEUS 2000 "Cannon"
5. BODY & STYLE "Listen To My Cries"
6. C-BANK "I Wont Stop Loving You"
7. C-BANK "I'm So In Love With You"
8. C-BANK "Perfect"
9. C-BANK "Tonight"
10. CAMILLE "I've Been Thinking About You"
11. CIPRIANO feat: MICHELLE "Get Up"
12. CIPRIANO feat: MICHELLE "Lover Boy"
13. CIPRIANO feat: MICHELLE "Reach For The Top"
14. COLONEL ABRAMS "I'm Caught Up"
15. COLONEL ABRAMS "Get With You"
16. CYNTHIA "Best Lovers Are Best Friends"
17. CYNTHIA "Break Up To Make Up"
18. CYNTHIA "Change On Me"
19. CYNTHIA "Endless Nights"
20. CYNTHIA "Everytime I Look At You"
21. CYNTHIA "Forever Missing You"
22. CYNTHIA "Gonna Get Over You"
23. CYNTHIA "Holding On"
24. CYNTHIA "Never Thought I Let You Go"
25. CYNTHIA "One Mistake"
26. CYNTHIA "Pledging AL My Love"
27. CYNTHIA "Thief Of Hearts"
28. CYNTHIA ‘What Will It Take"
29. CYNTHIA / JOHNNY O "Dreamboy/Dreamgirl"
30. DANIELLE SIMEONE "Radio (Everybody's Dancin')"
31. DAVID "Forever"
32. DAVID "I’m Not Gonna Cry Over You"
33. DAVID "No Regrets"
34. DAVID "This Feeling Of Love"
35. DAVID "Waiting For You"
36. DAVID "Your Love"
37. DAVID & NYASIA "Stronger Together"
38. DOMINICA "Gotta Let You Go"
39. DOMINICA "Love String"
40. EXO "Just Begun"
41. EXO "Why Did You Do It"
42. FACE "Happy Days"
43. GROOVE THERAPY "Am I Gonna Be The One"
44. IRIS "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"
45. IRIS "Now That I Found You"
46. JOEL "Ill Hold On"
47. JOHNNY O " Don't Ever Want To Loose Your Love"
48. JOHNNY O "Bad Mamma Jamma"
49. JOHNNY O "Don’t Go Away"
50. JOHNNY O "Dont Give Up On Love"
51. JOHNNY O "Fantasy Girl"
52. JOHNNY O "Highways Of Love"
53. JOHNNY O "I Gave My Heart To You"
54. JOHNNY O "I Just Wanna Get To Know You"
55. JOHNNY O "In Time"
56. JOHNNY O "Kiss & Say Goodbye"
57. JOHNNY O "Like A Stranger"
58. JOHNNY O "Memories"
59. JOHNNY O "The Music's Got Me"
60. JOHNNY O "We Can’t Go On This Way"
61. JUDY TORRES "Come Into My Arms"
62. JUDY TORRES "Hold Me Kiss Me"
63. JUDY TORRES "Holding On"
64. JUDY TORRES "I Can't Wait"
65. JUDY TORRES "I Go Crazy"
66. JUDY TORRES "I Love You For All Seasons"
67. JUDY TORRES "If Your Dreams Look Like Mine"
68. JUDY TORRES "Love You Will You Love Me"
69. JUDY TORRES "Missing Part"
70. JUDY TORRES "My Soul"
71. JUDY TORRES "No Reason To Cry"
72. JUDY TORRES "Where Is Your Heart"
73. JUDY TORRES "Windows"
74. JUDY TORRES "You're My Everything"
75. LAURA ENEA "Can We Find A Way"
76. LIL SUZY "Take Me In Your Arms"
77. LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY & WANDA DEE "Dont Leave Me This Way"
78. MARVEL "Sky High"
79. MENUDO "Cosmopolitan Girl"
80. MENUDO "Dancin’ Movin’ Shaken’ "
81. NRG DEFINED "Baila"
82. NRG DEFINED "Do It Right"
83. NRG DEFINED "Lo Hacen Bien"
84. NRG DEFINED "Si Lo Queires VenY Cojelo"
85. NRG DEFINED "Sube La Mano"
86. NYASIA "Heal My Broken Heart"
87. NYASIA "I'm The One"
89. REINALDO "Another Night"
90. RIOS SISTERS "Are You Looking For Love"
91. RIOS SISTERS "Hold Me"
93. SCOTT ALLAN "Babe"
94. SCOTT ALLAN "Deeper Feelings"
95. SCOTT ALLAN "Gotta Love Yourself"
96. SCOTT ALLAN "The Best Day Of My Life"
97. SHANNON "Something About You"
98. SOAVE "Crying Over You"
99. SOLID "Loving You"
100. TIANA "Come To Me"
101. TIANA "First True Love"
102. TIANA "I Can't Stop Loving You"
103. TIANA "I Will Be The One"
104. TIANA "If I Didn't Love You"
105. TIANA "Let The Music Play"
106. TIANA "Please Dont Go"
107. TIANA "Tell Me Why"
108. TIANA "Without Dreams"
109. TONASIA "Wondering"
110. VICKIE RYAN "Love’s Gonna Get You"

111. Dominica - Gotta Let You Go

112. The Rios Sisters - Love Stays
113. The Rios Sisters - I Don't Want You Back
114. Ashley Wills - 'Cause I Want You
115. CYNTHIA - Change On Me (The Remixes)

116. JOHNNY O. - Fantasy Girl (The Remixes)

117. JUDY TORRES - Beautiful Life

118. SERANO - Already Yours

119. MIC & PEP Drink It Up

120. NAS-T BOYZ Keep Our Love A Secret

121. PARRALOX Silent Morning

122. SOLID Loving You (The Remixes)

123. CYNTHIA Change On Me (2017 Remixes)